Local Arkansas Dish Network retailer?  Local Arkansas Directv Retailer? When should I call a local retailer about Dish Network or DirecTV services?  First, the facts:

  1.  Satellite TV services, such as Dish Network, or DirecTV, can be purchased from a local retailer, directly from the provider’s national office, or even from large multi-state companies.
  2.   No matter where you purchase the Dish Network or Directv services, pricing is the same.
  3. If you want personal service, you should call a local Dish Network or Directv retailer.

It is important to understand that the place that you call to order your service and install it, is the place that will service you after the sale.  When you are installed by a local retailer, such as Advanced Satellite Systems of Arkansas, you become their customer.  This means that you first call that local retailer to ask questions or to remedy any problems you have.

If you called the company’s home office or a nationwide retailer, and were installed by a national installation group, it is possible that you will find it a bit difficult to get assistance from a local retailer if you have a problem.  Why?  Sometimes it is because you are not that retailer’s customer, and they know that your satisfaction does not directly impact them or their ratings.  But, let’s assuming that all retailers are customer conscious and want to help.  The local retailer still does not have any of your information about your equipment or the status of your agreement.  Thus, they will also likely tell you that you must call the office that installed your equipment.

Another factor to consider is whether you want to deal with a local company where you are able to go by an office and visit face-to-face. If that is important to you, you will want to use a local retailer.

Let’s suppose you have a problem with your equipment.  It could be something simple that can be handled over the phone.  It might be something that needs a technician to visit.  Does it pay to have gone thru a local company? It certainly does. Why?  Because when you have a question or problem,  you want it fixed fast.  If you are forced call a toll free number, your request will be routed into the pool of requests nationwide, and handled in the order received.  Even if your request happens to be routed back to a local provider, this still may result in you having to wait longer than necessary to get results.  When you call have your local Dish or DirecTV retailer to call, you cut out these steps and normally get service faster, quite often the same day – and without any of the hassles.

Saving time and reducing costs are the benefits most consumers want in all of their services.  By contacting a local satellite TV provider, you very likely will be able to do both.

If you use a local retainer, and you find it to be a good experience, please remember that their favorite new customer is one referred by an established customer.

Using A Local Dish Network or DirecTV Satellite Retailer
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